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CHFI v9 Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator Certification

This certification is offered by EC-Council who claims that the average salary for CHFI certification holders is between $85,000 and $120,000.  Sounds great right?

Prep:  Took a course of computer forensics, used to study for the exam and it is telling me that I am doing well enough to pass.  Am I ready?

After taking this exam this last weekend and passing, I would want to ask you a few more questions.

1)Have you ever had work experience in this field?  Work experience can go such a long ways when taking these exams.

Also my proctor had taken and passed v8 of this exam andeccouncil-computer-hacking-forensic-investigator-v9-1-638 after having a discussion with him about some of the content that I came across, it was very obvious to the both of us that EC-Council was not playing any games when they said they were increasing the difficulty on this exam when releasing v9.

I do not want to discourage you whatsoever as the time put into this will be worth it when achieving this certification.  Just know that if I relied on just Skillset (pretty sure they are still using v8 questions) and a college level forensics course for all of my information before taking this exam I would not have passed.

Recommendation: Look into your organizations training budget options for their team members.  If you have unlimited funds, hands down go with SANS FOR508 this advanced forensics, incident response, and threat hunting course has gotten rave reviews but the price tag is going to run you over $6000 dollars for the course, and if you end up doing their forensics DFIR netwars program (Worth it, 2 nights of fun and learning whether you are a beginner or already a pro), and go on to take their GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA) Exam  you are looking around $7000 dollars +hotel stay. Once again more than worth it if you can get your organization to comp it. (Keep reading till the end for a way to get some serious savings on this course)

If you can’t afford SANS at this time, or the locations of their training at this point in time isn’t convenient look into more local boot-camps closer to your home.  5-day course preferably.   If you are taking something shorter you may not be prepared for where the Google Drive artifacts are located or what is located within Hkey_local_machine (folder specific).  This is one exam you cannot be over prepared for.

The other option is studying the old fashion way.  Hop on amazon and grab your studyguide, but please please please look at the date the book was published! Be sure you get the most recent edition as well!  Click on that amazon link and it will take you to the most current even though its not the cheapest (55$) it will be worth the extra 20 spent on it.


Study hard and Go CHFI.

P.s. I did promise a little trick to get your SANS course cheaper.  It is called a SANS Work-Study program.  You have to apply and be chosen for the event, and sometimes you do not get selected for the exact class you were hoping for (you give them a selection of your top 5-10 choices).  You must be able to arrive a day early to the training, show up early for registration, and stay through your lunches to watch over professor equiptment, but it gets you a pretty stellar discount.  Instead of $6000+ you are looking at 1,200 out the door for a whole week of training!  If your company is paying for the event, give someone else the chance to do the work study, but if you are paying out of pocket, and its close enough to commute, DO IT!


Work hard, study harder, go get that cert.

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